Friday, September 16, 2005


Well, I just scanned all of my favorite spots to see the take on this article about 38 past Nobel winners who came out in support of teaching evolution as the cornerstone of all biology. It was in the hopes of dissuading the Kansas board of education (and aimed at others, I'm sure) from including references to "doubts" or "problems" in theory. Since no one else has mentioned it yet, we have a mini-scoop. Though I can't say we beat MSNBC on it!

Somehow, I doubt that the input of some of our top intelligencia will have any effect on the immediate outcome of the debate, but it's still a great thing. People on the sidelines need to know what science has to say. The lie that there is a vigorous debate about whether evolution happens needs to be exposed, for them.

I did find this one part of the story interesting: "Its followers attack Darwin's evolutionary theory, which says natural chemical processes could have created the basic building blocks of life on Earth, that all life had a common ancestor and that man and apes shared a common ancestor". Of course, Darwin's theory DOES NOT say that natural chemical processes could have started life on earth. Not that they COULDN'T HAVE, just that Darwin didn't say it. Typical news writers. Oh well, they got most of it correct.

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