Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Unexpected, but Welcome

It seems from this article and other recent developments that the Bush Administration may be getting the message from the American people that we want diplomacy FIRST. I'll will be cautiously optimistic for now. More interesting to me will be what goes on after November.

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tom l said...

Doesn't it seem that the American position is one of powerlessness? The Iranians are in the driver seat. In the recent past, international sanctions have been an engine to their domestic economy and they have no fear of more. They are glad to develop their own economy. They're proud of their universities and scientists and engineers. There's no reason they should "negotiate" over anything, especially when we tell them what to do and call that negotiating! It's true their president is an anti-semite with a big mouth, but if you read the actual speeches (juancole.com is one of the few places you can find whole translated texts - the american media refuses to give us actual information) that seems more like republican gay marriage stuff than anything actually dangerous. Iran has never attacked anyone, not in something like two thousand years. Brazil is developing nuclear technology the same way, and who cares? they have no oil. they don't even need the stuff anymore. It seems like the whole Iran frenzy is just insane, just like the whole WMD in Iraq thing was. Ignorance makes everyone an idiot.