Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Not an image of Jesus

H/T to reader Thorum.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Now I have to go downstairs and have a piece of watermelon.

Oh wait, it's almost one in the morning. Later, then. Maybe if I wait, the Virgin Mary will appear on the slice :)

Spanish Inquisitor said...

That was funny. Turn the argument over, and you see how silly all the grilled cheese sandwiches have been.

Did that last guy that played the minister remind you of Graham Chapman of Monty Python?

PhillyChief said...

I tried watching that show before and never got into it, but this clip is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson's tree stump trumps his watermelon.

Anonymous said...
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Vitamin R said...

I haven't watched TMWL for nearly a year, but oh, I so need to start. Not even sure if it comes on BBCA anymore. Still, there's always the YouTubes.

But clearly Jeebus was just trying to test their faith, much like he does with fossils and carbon dating.

He's wily, that Jeebus.