Saturday, April 16, 2011

A video titled "Crime & Abortion"

I'm guessing this will be a tad controversial. It's certainly a theory worthy of further studies, at the very least.

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Spanish Inquisitor said...

It's interesting that the reasons given by the so-called pro-life crowd are usually couched in emotional terms. Pictures of actual abortions, use of the words "murder" and "killing", and appeals to the spiritual are all hallmarks of anti-abortion discourse, and are all emotional in their origins. For that matter, religion is at its root an emotional, non-intellectual response to the scary, unknown, natural world.

However, Levitt's data has no emotional component whatsoever. It is pure, unadulterated science. The correlation seems almost obvious, though as with any science it is always subject to constant confirmation.

So I don't see it being controversial except to those that exhibit an emotional attitude towards abortion.