Tuesday, August 23, 2005

1.8 Million Years Ago!

There have been a number of great hominid fossil discoveries in Dmanisi, Georgia in recent years, but this one may be the best of all. Apparently it is nearly complete skull of Homo Erectus, putting the species "out of Africa" and in to Europe much longer ago than previously thought. Along with this article there is a short video showing the excavation and celebration by the Georgia team.


Now John Hawks takes credit for busting out with this huge story a couple of weeks ago! And, in all honestly, I do remember when I read this at his highly recommended blog. Some of his posts are a little tough for a non-scientist to hang with, but usually well worth at least making the effort.

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Michael Bains said...

I remember being excited about this story a couple of weeks ago when it was linked on My Yahoo by Reuters (I think.) So ol' erectus did make it into Europe!

Even without this find it seemed most likely but this, of course, is what paleoanthropology is all about: finding evidence for how we got where we are today.

Very cool.