Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Allow this plug because "Shirley" we want to support her!

One of the first atheist blogs I ever stumbled across was Shirley's AtheistExposed2. She took a break from blogging and I wasn't aware she had gone back to it until recently receiving an email from her.

From her blog's header -

"A 49 year old government worker, 30 year closet atheist, is exposing to her friends, co-workers and clients her lack of belief in God. This is an experiment in humanity and tolerance. Hoping for a good outcome. Approaching in a non-confrontational manner. These are my friends, and I care about them. I hope they can accept me as I am. My goal is to help my Christian associates have the knowledge, that they know an atheist, and she's not a bad person."

I really enjoyed reading her posts, because her atheistic experience was both on a parallel track, but miles apart! We have been atheists for largely the same period of time. But she was living in silence for many years with the normal fears of rejection and problems. She finally "came out" and then started blogging about her personal experiences with friends and co-workers. I found it different from my own trials - and fascinating.

I'm happy to see her back and I hope you'll drop by and give her a little support.


The Exterminator said...

I did drop by and I read a little bit. I can't determine whether the long silence from last January to this past December was based on an upturn or a downturn in her life -- maybe there was no turn at all, just a loss of interest. In any case, I'm not sure how to offer my support, but maybe some of your other readers will have some ideas.

John Evo said...

Ex, I was thinking that there are some people who stop by here who have been (or still are) in more similar situations with her than you or I. Maybe they have some relevant things to add to the conversation she has going on over there.

Anonymous said...

She's got a couple of interesting posts about the government's way-out pursuit of "terraists." I'llbet Dubya's already told the police that they did "a heckuva job" on this one.

Tommy said...

I used to read her blog a couple of years ago and then as I started reading other atheist blogs I forgot about Shelley's blog. Then a few days ago I thought of her again, and I couldn't remember the name of her blog. What a coincidence then that you did this post, eh?

John Evo said...

Tommy - were you using the same avatar back then? I remember someone else using it somewhere I used to go. Maybe we crossed paths.

Tommy said...

No, I wasn't using the avatar that far back.

Anonymous said...

Tommy said:
What a coincidence then that you did this post, eh?

Do you really believe in coincidence? Shirley, it was the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost Himself, that led Evo to write that post. Get down on your knees and pray, now!