Monday, January 28, 2008

Was it God? Or the Man on the Moon?

Right here you can see an interesting portion of a podcast from in which Josh Cohen takes the side of leaving religion out of politics. He may not go as far as some in the Atheosphere would, but I think he is fairly close to my own feelings on the subject. If you care to listen to the entire 1 hour "diavlog" you can find it here.


Kelly said...

Is "Atheosphere" a new term? I've read it so far on three different blogs. If so, is it always capitalized? (That's the proofer in me talking.) Can someone please enlighten me? I love it (both the term and being enlightened).

And "diavlog"? I'm learning so many cool words--and it isn't even 10 a.m. yet.

Cool podcast. Thanks.

John Evo said...

Hi Kelly... we've missed you in the Atheosphere!

It was a word coined by our resident minter - The Exterminator. I believe it is capitalized. I really shouldn't be talking. I should let Ex and you (as word-smiths) kick it around.

Now, "Diavlog" is something I can help you with. That was created by Robert Wright, upon his creation of the site that you visited for the video. He wanted a unique name for his site's podcast. I always put it in quotes so that people won't think I'm just misspelling dialog. Darwin forbid that anyone should think I'm less intelligent than I am!