Saturday, February 28, 2009

And Therefore: We're in deep shit

Given: Most people in the world are religious,

And Given: Most people retain the religion of their parents and community,

And Given: Most religious people breed at higher rates than non-believers.

Therefore: This shit ain't going anywhere, soon.

Is it true that in a world of 6.7 billion people, nearly 6 billion believe in some sort of magical causation for the natural world and that if you are among the minority in any particular population group you are at greater risk of marginalization, incarceration or execution?

Yes? I thought so. This is Insane Asylum Earth. And we ain't running this show.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what evil mind-controlling religion does that busty nurse belong to? I can believe! I can! I can!

Seriously though, I used to hope that there are more people out there like me that have resigned to go to hell by forsaking our parents religions in the name of knowledge, but since joining facebook a few months ago, I see that none of my (Christian) high-school classmates have. In fact, they seem more fanatic - AND have way more kids than I do! Until now I was reluctant to have kids because the messed up natural environment they would have to live in, but now I have to worry about the social/religious environment? Maybe just wave the white flag...

DB said...

Religion isn't going anywhere, but it will certainly change. Then again, how long did it take for them to accept a round earth or a heliocentric views of our solar system? Even the fundies will fall in line eventually as they always do.

Sarge said...

People who are scared and people who need "meaning", or for some reason need "something bigger" than themselves to brown no... uh, serve, are going to be around as long as we're people. I've written about what I've seen in the cancer clinic and other venues.

Left to themselves they are generally loud but fairly harmless. It's the part where the guy with an agendea comes into the picture and sees them as an opprotunity, a tool, to advance his own interests that things get...interesting. We have to stay on our toes.