Monday, March 30, 2009

YouTube Atheists and Skeptics

I've been keeping up with the growing community over on YouTube for a couple of years. There are a lot of interesting characters over there. Occasionally (like today) when I have nothing of personal interest to write about, I'll share one of my favorite subscriptions from YouTube.

This one is from Atheistblindchick. It's a nice response to someone who finds atheism depressing - Boo fucking hoo. Unfortunately, this particular video in black screen. She doesn't always do that, but as she said in the comments - Hey, I'm blind!


Anonymous said...

People who think atheism is depressing don't know anything about it.

When I was a theist, I didn't have any opinion about atheism (other than that it was wrong - I never thought atheists were evil or any other such crap). I just didn't have a clue that opening my mind to the possibility that this one belief was true would open my life to so many other ideas. Theists are stuck in a covered cage; they know there are other possibilities outside the cage, but they can't begin to see them at all clearly. Sometimes it's difficult to rip the blanket off the cage, unlock the latch and actually explore the world outside the cage.

Vitamin R said...

She's a hell of a speaker. I like her :)

"You've reduced life to nothing but a prelude, when you have no evidence there is an afterlife."

Anonymous said...
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