Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Incredible Juxtaposition of News!

Too humorous! Tonight on the MSNBC homepage:

What's this?
Scientists take the ‘toot’ out of beans
Microsoft, EC claim innovation at stake
Bush seeks to ease gas pressure

No further comment!

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Impatient Patient said...

I don't know if Sugar Shock is pseudoscience which is why I bookmarked it. It was on Diabetes Mine, which I was snooping on today.

I think there is some wisdom to not eating refined sugars, especially if diabetic. I have a number of people in my life who are diabetic and I snoop around always looking as I am curious.

I looked at her site and it seemed a little whoo hoo for me- but I really only scanned. Not much concentration today.

Sometimes I thionk I am a militant when it comes to what I think are whoo hoo therapies and ideas, but that is after a lot of life experience packed in a really short period of time. Things I think are worth looking at that are still considered alternative are fish oil and probiotics. ONLY if science is involved and heavily. Acupuncture has been debunked for the most part as have the touch therapies. Prayer too. Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and Faith Healing are all based on religious traditions. I don't think that they help the body as much as they purport to unless it is a placebo effect.

I use Cold FX which is an alternative immune system booster, and it increases cytokines, but that does have some science behind it. It also freaks me out to have me on it too often as I am sure there are consequences to a revved up immune system.

As to the Edit me- I think I was supposed to take that out when I was putting in links. The problem is I did that a few months ago with my daughter- and it worked. By myself - not so much. And since she is NEVER home and when she is I snark at her (because she is never home- LOL!!!) I forget to ask for her help.

Have a good one!