Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Someone Call Bill Gates for Me

Over at Dean's World there is an interesting post by Scott Kerwin entitled "Laziness: The Unappreciated Virtue." It concerns, in part, hand held electronic devices and their ability to make our lives easier (or not). In the comments section, I left the following:

I want a single portable device that can be my "everything" - a phone, two-way radio, computer, camera, TV, UMD player, universal remote, credit card, car key, garage door opener, emergency alarm and self-defense taser-like weapon. I'm thinking something on the lines of the "Dick Tracy Walkie Talkie Watch" only it would, by necessity be somewhat larger - maybe 4"X6", extremely FLAT and flexible, that could be strapped comfortably to my left forearm, but easily removed so that I could work it with both hands in front of me if I desire. When's THAT coming out? I'd gladly pay $400 a month and junk a bunch of other expenses.

Has anyone heard of anything along these lines being developed? If not, just remember you heard it here first because I want my intellectual royalties cut. It will eventually come and it won't be too soon for me.


Richard said...
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Anonymous said...

Patience. Good things come to those who wait. If you live another 25 years you'll see much more amazing things than the little communications toy you describe. You have no vision.