Sunday, April 02, 2006

TIME OUT!!! (for the NCAA National Championship)

I try to keep sports off this blog - for the most part. But with my UCLA Bruins one win away from their 12th National Championship I just want to ask a quick question:

Regardless of what happens against the University of Florida Gators tomorrow night in Indianapolis, the very young Bruins team, who will certainly be back strong again next year, are the premier defensive team in college hoops. How much does it annoy those of you who enjoy basketball, and are from back east or other parts of the country, that the toughest, hard-hat, blue-collar, down 'n dirty, defensive team in the nation is from Southern California? Huh? How bad does THAT ONE stick in your craw?


Hank said...

When Farmar hit that fade-away 28-foot 3-pointer, in that explosive post-halftime sure, it just killed the Tigers. It was 50-27 at that point and the game was already over.

Should be a great one tonite!

Hank B

John said...

But Bruins still get no love from back east...

ESPN had Vitale and 6 other experts predict how the Final 4 would go. ONE of the 7 had the Bruins making it to the finals and he had them losing there. Despite UCLA going in as the highest seed!

Now, Vitale and 3 others pick their winner tonight - Unanimous - UF!!

LOVE!!! Somebody LOVE US!!!!

John said...

Congratulations to the Florida Gators. They played a terrific game and are a very talented bunch that deserved to win. The Bruins Achilles heel (shooting the ball accurately) hurt them a lot, but the Gators would have won even if UCLA had shot better.

The great thing is, the Bruins will be back year after year competing to win it all. Ben Howland is a great coach and great recruiter. All the key members of this team will be back next year - HUNGRY.

Hank Barnes said...

A great run by the Bruins, but they ran into a brick wall last night. The Gators were clearly the better team. Tough inside game, totally neutralized Afflalo.


Anonymous said...

UCLA didn't do too well. Looks like they needed a few peer reviewed game plans to back up their defense.

John said...

I think the "game plan" was probably ok. I think you saw a better team do what they were capable of. I'm just happy that the Bruins fought hard enough to surprise a lot people in beating Gonzaza, Memphis St and LSU and actually play in the championship.