Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Different Kind of Blog?

I don't know, I thought my idea for a blog was worthwhile, but I think I'm kidding myself. Maybe I'll just start a "Happy BS Blog" and talk about basketball, video games and movies. The endless nature of these kinds of articles really makes me wonder. Then again, I do enjoy my primeval scream as I fall into the void!


HankBarnes said...

The higher echelon snake-oil salesman are out dispensing billions $ for a vaccine to a bird virus, that has infected not a sole person in the US

The lesser echelon snake-oil salesmen are selling survivalist gear!

I love it!

Buy stock in Lysol now!


tom l said...

where's my duct tape?

John said...

Hank said, "that has infected not a sole person in the US"

To take it a step further - that has not effected a sole person in the WORLD except in a extremely poor areas where the people live and breath life among birds (as pets and livestock). Not a single case can positively be attributed to H2H contact and the few that are even under debate were among family members who could have had the same exposure to birds.

John said...

"PIGEON" (in regards to the coming BIRD apocolypse) says:

"where's my duct tape?"

Don't you mean 'DUCK Tape"?

(hey, no sillier than making a run on a survival shop)!

Shai said...

Those chemical people use to sterilize their environment are worse then the actual viruses and bacterias they are trying to get rid of! I hate corporate America for selling us stuff we don't even need.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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