Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Political Misdirection, Common Sense and Money

I watch the television and scan the internet, I listen to the radio are read magazines and newspapers - and all I see right now are people yelling back and forth about immigration.

It reminds me of many other things that occupy our nations' undivided attention. Things like abortion, teaching creationism, capital punishment, prayer in school, gay issues, etc. All of these periodically pop up and become centers of great debates. These debates take millions of man-hours of activity. Seldom is any real consensus reached. We will all have our various points of view on all of these and many more issues. But I wonder - why do we spend so much time on these, when there are such huge matters that require our attention?

The planet is melting, but we spend time worrying about whether Jose Garcia is working on this side of Tijuana, Mexico or that side. (And, please, when I say "the planet is melting" please don't try telling me about wacko liberal leftist science. Global warming is a fact. The legitimate questions are 'how much (if any) of it is man's fault', 'is there really anything that humans can do about it', 'is it just a periodic climatic change that will bring some differences to our life-styles, or is in something more cataclysmic'?)

The main point of this short look at wedge issues is to say this - if you are reading this blog, chances are that being on either side of these wedge issues and spending hours of your lives debating them is a waste of your time. If you want to be a part of something important, then don't let the issues be dictated for you. You can see what really has an impact on your lives and the lives of those you love. If your son or daughter might have to go fight in the desert, THAT IMPACTS YOU. If gasoline is $5.00 a gallon and gasoline is the only feasible way you have of moving about, THAT IMPACTS YOU. If catastrophic climate changes make life as we know it impossible, THAT IMPACTS YOU. And when you get around to debating these, or any issues, always think about who is gaining financially from a status quo that IMPACTS YOU.

Even if you think the immigration issue is worth spending time debating, look at THAT from a financial standpoint. Who makes it possible, desirable, for illegals to come across the border?Again, if you are reading this blog, it probably isn't you. It's the business community of America, that wants that low-wage labor force here, and the government that collects taxes from those illegals and never gives a refund on it. Don't spend your time arguing over what language the national anthem should be sung in. Use your common-sense about what issues really effect you, and to understand why they effect you the way they do - think about who benefits from you concentrating on non-issues, and watch the money flow.

(Additional information from today on global warming)


Vince DC said...

I embrace global warming. It's making winter here in Montreal more bearable. And who cares if a few coastal cities become submerged. We're 500 miles inland and I'll finally be able to see palm trees on our boulevards just like in LA. Ah, the joys of being a cynic!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time we get this guy real job, it's obvious he has too much time on his hands.

Darwin Jennings Bryan

The Culver City opinion!

John said...

Vince, I'm pretty cynical. I'm not trying to get people fired up about global warming.

I just think it's pretty funny that our media, and then people, can total obsess on these issues that really have very little effect on the day to day lives of the very folks who become distracted by the issue.

Here's another one - abortion. Every once in a while, everyone gets all caught up in this with little old ladies from Iowa going out in the streets waving signs around. Now, don't get me wrong, I can see legitimate deep emotional issues that a religious person is going to have about abortion. But REALLY... for her to put all that ENERGY in to something that has zero effect in her life is borderline absurd.

I hope you are right about global warming. but my gut tells me that (not in my lifetime or yours - but not too long afterwards) a lot of people will not be enjoying it as much as you are right now!

John said...

Mr. Bryan:

I'm sure you must do enough work for both of us and BYTM!

"Yob? We don need no stinkin' yob!"

Impatient Patient said...

If you get a chance you should look up Stephen Colberts roast of President Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner where he makes a crack about our grandchildren having no idea what a glacier is. The whole video is hilarious, because it just states what is happening ----- to the President. Himself. Five feet away.

There are two versions of the video- on one when Colbert does his own video with Helen Thomas the camera only stays on Bush- he is a little angry looking when the video rolls.

tv said...

Believing ain't what it used to be.