Saturday, May 17, 2008

From 'Too much fun', to 'way too scary'

Only in America (post-2000 election)

I knew Bush couldn't complete his 8 years without me hearing at least a couple more things to make me double-up on my Lexapro prescription. This one courtesy of our friend Ric, the Grumpy Lion. And here's the link to the Progressive article that he cites.

Basically, the FBI has deputized nearly 25,000 of your fellow citizens and they are watching you! If you are a terrorist, or pissed off one of them, you are going to get reported. And, apparently, "when" (not if, according to the article) martial law is declared, they are authorized to use deadly force on any suspected terrorist, or person who pissed them off, without fear of prosecution.

I used the word "apparently" in the last paragraph for a couple of reasons. First, the article itself made clear that they were going on the best information they could come up with, but that it may not be perfect. They had an InfraGard (remember that name) member who swears it was said. They had a number of people deny it, including the FBI. But they did get one source to confirm it and another who would not deny it.

The second reason is that Ric received the following in his comments section:

Ric get your coat on I’m stopping by and taking you out for a drink. The article by Mr Rothschild has been pretty much debunked. I’ll chime in that Mr. R actually refused to tell the FBI where the meeting re: deadly force” was.

There was more to the comment and you may want to read it in it's entirety, as well as responses to it from Ric and myself. We wanted sources cited for this "pretty much" debunked story. In fairness, he did return to Grumpy Lion with sources - an official statement of denial from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Well, golly Hoss, if the FBI denies it, then it must not be true! If you think this is a "debunking" of the article then you might as well say that the article debunked itself, since it quoted an FBI official as saying it was ridiculous!

Meanwhile, I've done a little investigating of my own. Using the story title with other key words such as "debunk" and "disprove" and "false", I could find nothing of substance. More importantly, Using the solitary keyword "InfraGard" and using a date filter, there is only one news story, since the Progressive article, and it had nothing to do with debunking the Progressive.

So my real question is, why the deafening silence from the news media on this story? Oh... hold on. Here's something now...


PhillyChief said...

I wonder if they get special arm bands, too. Maybe they get cool matching shirts, something in a brown or black.

bullet said...

I don't know how I missed this. I wonder if they'd let me sign up.