Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pastor Hagee - This man is my enemy

“A loathsome man filled with hate”, and John McCain is proud to have his endorsement.

I don’t think we should be talking about Jeremiah Wright for weeks on end. But if we are, why is it that we are not talking about Hagee and McCain’s current spiritual advisor Rod Parsley? Why do these things slip invisibly past the radar screen of main-stream media?

Meanwhile the man McCain wishes to follow (and unashamedly stands by his policies) is officially the most despised President of modern times. I find this wholly unsurprising. I’m quite sure many of us can remember arguments with friends, years ago, in which we pleaded that he was a terrible President and yet they couldn’t see it. Apparently they do now. Thanks folks. You found your rationality a little late for the country. The question is, will you let the same thinking allow you to make the mistake again this year?

Tip of the sombrero to BJ Keefe for the Bush polling data.


Anonymous said...

You asked, "Why do these things slip invisibly past the radar screen of main-stream media?"

One answer that comes to mind is that the mainstream media is misnamed. It should be called the conservative media, at least, or even the right-wing media. What the media is not, is either mainstream or liberal.

PhillyChief said...

I don't feel it's liberal or conservative (with the exception of Fox). They're just sloppy whores. They'll push a story, and even elevate a non-story to story status if it will get ratings. That's it. As long as the Democratic nomination isn't sewn up, that's the story that gets ratings, not McCain, not yet. Once it's down to McCain and the Dem, THEN there should be poking into McCain's shit. That then becomes the focus. Think of a schoolyard where two kids are fighting and another is just doing something disgusting. Where does the crowd gather? Around the two fighting. Little Johnny the gross kid? Nobody cares, at least not until one of the two fighting wins and then goes over and smacks Johnny.

John Evo said...

Philly, I basically agree with you. But I have to point out that it's very bizarre how things like the Swift-boating of war hero Kerry can happen while the draft dodging son of highly ranked diplomat can escape the wrath of the press. If they were just hungry sharks looking for the best meat to tear into, that was it. What happened? I why does it seem to happen much more to intellectuals and "leftists" than to conservatives? Is it because the absurd claim from the right of "media bias" for 40 years has paid off, and the media is reluctant to attack them?

PhillyChief said...

Well we'll see soon, won't we? Gotta get Hilary out of the way so this thing can get started.

I will say though that Republicans are far better politicians. They can work things. With the exception of Bill Clinton, the Democrats haven't had that ability since who, LBJ? I think likability matters way too much, and therefore people will like seeing the less likable guy get hammered. McCain comes off as likable, one of those guys you'd have a beer with. Obama not so much. I think they should show him shooting hoops more like they did on HBO.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

I hate to think that the only way I analyze things is through atheist colored glasses, but how much of our acceptance of the things we see in the news is actually because we are trained to take our information in (sound)bite size, easily digestible pieces? Our churches do a good job of that. The parable of X explains moral conundrums with pure pap. So the parable of the Swift boats informs the public that Kerry didn't really earn his medals. Should we look behind the parables, and see if the evidence supports the sound byte? No. We trust our a) pastors, b) newsreaders.

You're going to have to wait until Hagee declares that America is the Great Satan, before anyone will question what he says. And even then, he's a conservative looking white guy. How threatening can that be?


Anonymous said...

SI said: he's a conservative looking white guy. How threatening can that be?

I'll bet a whole lot of non-white people in the Middle East find conservative-looking white guys pretty frightening. So do American parents with sons that are eligible for the draft, should it ever be reintroduced. Believe me, George W. and his ilk scare the shit out of me.

PhillyChief said...

Well non-white people in the Middle East don't get to vote for US President.

The Exterminator said...

Unfortunately our own fears don't translate to the general population. Whom would most of them rather see approaching in a dark alley: McCain or Obama? It comes down to that old racist piece of pap.

I don't think Hillary has to be included in that dark alley question. Everyone would run like hell to see her approaching. In the dark, I hear, you can really see the fire coiming out of her nose.

bullet said...

I find it so funny that conservatives insist the media is liberally and liberals insist it is conservatively biased.

When neither side is happy, isn't that when it's fair?

That can't be right.

Maybe they're just watching the wrong channels.

bullet said...

To address the question/idea:

Nobody comments because they know McCain doesn't mean it. He panders to the CCs for votes and these two probably get him the really good drugs. Isn't that what "spiritual advisers" are for?