Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey Bush - "SHUT THE HELL UP"!

And to think – this was before the dumbass comments Bush made in Israel earlier today. How bad were they? The moderately spoken Senator Biden called it “Bullshit”. Maybe Olbermann should have held off an extra day before doing this Special Comment. Then again, it’s strong enough as is. It’s in two parts due to the fact that it is slightly longer than the YouTube 10 minute limit per video.


The Exterminator said...

I'm very impressed; great work by Olbermann.

Now, we'll all have to take up golf, just to show that we think the prez is full of shit.

John Evo said...

Nothing will get me to swing a club again. Although that reason would be tempting.

the chaplain said...

Come on guys, you didn't really think W. would send one of the the girls, or his brand-new son-in-law into the line of fire, did you? That would have gone beyond symbolic solidarity to, I dunno, something like normal life, something about which our president knows nothing. (Remember: his dad was pretty damned impressed with computerized check-out machines back in the day).

Brendan said...

Olbermann makes good points, and I'm with him 100% in spirit, but I think he undermines his message with his histrionics.

I may have said this before, and if so, I apologize for the repetition. But it really puts me off.

Brendan said...

I meant to add that when you've got a case as strong as he has, it's more effective to deliver it in forceful but measured tones. At least, to me.

Maybe it's that I don't have the aural callouses that most people do, since I almost never watch TV shoutfests. If that's true, maybe Olbermann feels he has to scream to get any attention at all. I guess I can't argue with his ratings, but I still wish he'd tone it down.

John Evo said...

Brendan -

"Aural callouses" LOL!

Yeah. I guess not if you think of Olbermann as a screamer. Still, I get what you are saying and there are other ways to present your point.

Still, NO ONE ELSE is doing it! So anyone on the networks who speaks up (and however they do it) is fine by me.

Hopefully, Olbermann (with success) will encourage the networks to put more voices out there and some of them will undoubtedly be more to your taste.

Brendan said...


You're right about Olbermann being a lone voice, and you're right -- he certainly deserves lots of credit for that. And I agree with your hope, that he will inspire the networks to add other voices to his.

Seems to me, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and channels only went from 2-13, that we had a lot more political editorializing on TV. I guess now that we have 500 channels, it's cheaper to pay a couple of hairdos to gab or bicker than it is to pay one person of quality to speak directly to the audience.