Wednesday, June 25, 2008

James Dobson - Fascist On The Family

As pointed out in my previous post, it's probably a good thing that all of this religious angst is being exposed during this years' elections. I kind of loved James Dobson coming out with his Jesus guns blazing at Obama yesterday. Here was one response to his accusation that Obama has a fruitcake view of the Constitution.

The People for the American Way had the following to say in a press release:

“James Dobson is certainly entitled to his opinions, no matter how ridiculous they may be, but the media should make clear that it’s Dobson, not Obama who’s outside the mainstream. Dr. Dobson has made a career of using the Bible as a political bludgeon — he’s never been shy to condemn those he disagrees with, and no one should be surprised that he’s doing it now.

“It’s disappointing that Dr. Dobson is so callously abusing the trust that many well meaning people have placed in him.”

An evangelical insider gives this view on why Dobson's attack will actually back-fire due to the fact that millions of Evangelicals have already figured out this Bush boot-licker. I hope it's true, though I needn't depend on it for an Obama victory in November. Nevertheless, it's yet another indicator that the religious folks are at war with each other. We can simply enjoy it, and hope for the best when the smoke clears.

Obama isn't taking Dobson's shit quietly, like so many milquetoast Democrats have in the past. Last night he said that Dobson was
"making stuff up", and that he was "deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview."

Keep it up guys. I love it.


Sarge said...

As per your last paragraph, don't they all?

PhillyChief said...

Well I have to agree with Sarge, for good or bad that's what people have done for centuries. You make your opinion and then quote mine the bible for supporting passages so that you can claim justification for your opinion. Hell, people on both sides of the slavery debate did that, as did both sides of women's suffrage and segregation.

Have you all seen this petition site for evangelicals to distance themselves from Mr. Fruitcake?

Btw, that has to be the shortest comment I've ever seen by Sarge.

PhillyChief said...

Oh I almost forgot, last night on the Daily Show they addressed this. I especially liked the hypocrisy of Dobson crying foul that Obama would cite Leviticus then showing a clip of him justifying hating gays because of Leviticus.

John Evo said...

Agree re: Sarge's brevity.

Thanks for the Daily clip. Classic.
And of course they all cherry pick. I think the cherry picking is getting a little more exposure than usual right now, and MAYBE a few moderates will think about what they are seeing.

PhillyChief said...

Yes but inevitably you end up with an exchange like this...

Well you can make the bible say anything you want.
- So how can you justify your belief using the bible but condemn another's which is contrary?
There's a right way and a wrong way to read the bible.
- How can you tell the difference?
Oh you can if you study it
- Well lots of people study it, yet interpret it differently
There's only one correct way to interpret it
- Yours?

You can't reason with crazy.

Ordinary Girl said...

Way to go for Obama, but still what is the "traditional understanding of the Bible"? I'm sure if you ask 100 people you'll get at least 75 different answers - probably more.

Dobson is following what he believes is correct. Now I happen to think that what he believes in is crap. This is another example of why religion shouldn't be part of politics.

PhillyChief said...

Actually, I think it shows very clearly that religion is nothing but political. It's a struggle of opinions for control.

Lifeguard said...

I read these posts and all these comments and I realize that not only do I not believe anymore, but I can't even believe I used to believe it.

Can you believe that?

John Evo said...

I can't believe you're here again!

I do believe the wife-to-be is gonna kick your ass if you don't concentrate on the Big Day.

Sarge said...

Well ... I've been sick. Cut me some slack here! ;)

John Evo said...

Always, Sarge. Always!

Lilli said...

Good words.

John Evo said...

Thanks Lilli...

I had almost forgotten that I wrote this post - and it was only 6 months ago.

My mind...

Anonymous said...

Blithesome Reborn Year[url=],[/url] everyone! :)