Saturday, June 28, 2008

You are my reason for being!

It's stories like these that make life so interesting. Homo sapiens never stop being fascinating.

At first I was going to ask Exterminator, do you swear to god you aren't a Brit? But the next to the last paragraph excused him.

What might he have got had he made it to his 5th anniversary? Probably a good thing he left us when he did.

Personally, I'll make it easier than this for my family. Just do to me what the wife did in the last story.

Ahhhh.... (as in, you folks never cease to leave me in awe).


The Exterminator said...

I have no idea what this post is about, but I do wash my feet occasionally and my sister has promised to flush me into the New York City sewage system.

John Evo said...

Well, only the first story was about you personally. The whole post was about the "collective you". Of which you are a part - although certainly among the saner ones. I guess....

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Briton, I take umbrage at the insinuation that we're only happy when we have something to complain about. Where do you get off, spouting that sort of nonsense? I can't believe you Americans would have to audacity to claim that we're only happy when we're complaining, and I will be writing a strongly worded letter of protest to your blog host.

Ahh... bliss...

PhillyChief said...

So my mother might be British. Interesting.

So what ever happened to the good old days when young guys doodled in their notebooks, book covers or on their desks? Holy crap!

Here are some fun tattoos:
A Cow
Gay Batman & Robin
Hairy pit
and my favorite, a demon

Anonymous said...

That was entertaining. But was that all you could find?

John Evo said...

No, but I think I'll make this a regular feature and 10 or 20 stories would burn me out if I were a reader. I'll find 2 or 3 that really catch my attention and pass them on with a wise-crack.

(Chappy getting an personalized view of the inner workings at Evolutionary Middleman)!