Thursday, July 03, 2008

Independence Day

Frankly, I’m so tired of the idiocy that surrounds us in this nation and world, that I’m not really much inclined to celebrate our Independence. I won’t go into a George Bush rant again. What’s the point? Instead, I’ll just share two posts from fellow bloggers which are well worth checking out and thinking about on the 4th of July.

From The Exterminator, at No More Hornets, take a fun little quiz about the Declaration of Independence. You might not learn anything you didn’t know, but I found it refreshing to actually remember that this was the way it was.

Brendan at bjkeefe provides you with a great link that you should at least take a peek at. It will certainly give some context to my own ennui with America in particular, and the world in general.

Enjoy the holiday. I’ll probably see you around because I’m not doing a fucking thing. Well, I'll probably be doing this.


The Exterminator said...

I think that particularly those of us who are disgusted with George W. Bush should celebrate our independence.

Just as a reminder to the White House.

Anonymous said...

I'd be content to celebrate Georgie's sudden independence from the White House and his sudden dependence on jailers for food and bathroom privileges.

Ordinary Girl said...

I had a great celebration. You should have let me know you didn't have plans. I would have invited you over.