Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is Obama THINKING?

Of course Obama wants desperately to be President. He’s closer to the office than any non-white has ever been. He’s so close, he can feel the reins of power already. They are intoxicating, I’m sure. He’s secured the nomination, has been cited as being ahead of McCain in double digits in at least 2 prominent polls, and just needs to bring it down the home stretch.

So when he takes all that he has done which has gotten him to this point and turns his back on it, what is he thinking? That he will get Joe Mildly Conservative to take a second look at him and go, “oh, he’s willing to reverse himself on a passionately held position, piss on Cheney’s piss on the Constitution, and do what it takes to torture and kill them dirty terrorists, so I think I’ll switch from Johnny Mac to him. Hell, I always did like that mocha look”.

Yeah. I can see him working his magic in the middle. Now there’s a winning strategy for you. I’m sure everyone on the left (who put him where he is today) will take it. Like they take everything. They’ll still run out and vote for him.

Sure they will.

Read about it here

Then, there's this. And this. And this. And those were easily found.

Not that I'm really complaining. Better to know the man as soon as possible and we now know him. I honestly just wonder - does he THINK this is the best strategy to win, or is there something else going on? Is this the fee that has to be paid to Corporation America in order to stand at the top and pretend you are calling the peoples' shots?

Fuck the bullshit.


Sarge said...

Personally, I think that we probably wouldn't even have an election this year if the slate wasn't pretty much the corperatist and statist bunch on both sides of the line.

Experience tells me that any candidate is "pragmatic" it means he'll sell you out in a heartbeat without a second thought. If bipartizanship is mentioned, it usually means they'll close ranks and shuck down people like me like an ear of corn. For the greater good, of course.

PhillyChief said...

Well that puts "pragmatic" and "bipartisan" in a new light. Yikes! I can't say I disagree with that.

John Evo said...

The race for the White House is getting a bit closer. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain down to a statistically insignificant single percentage point, 43% to 42%. Prior to today, Obama had enjoyed at least a four-point advantage every day since Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race over a month ago. This is the first time his support has fallen below the 45% level since May 31.

Huh. This is the first polling result AFTER his FISA vote.

The Exterminator said...

As usual, the Democratic candidate has found an excellent way to shoot himself/herself in the foot.

Unfortunately, in this case, our stomachs were in the way.

Great post here, Evo. I think anyone willing to undermine the Constitution in his desperate desire to be president should not be allowed to succeed in either endeavor.

So why shouldn't we all be attacking McCain just as hard as we're lacing into Obama? Simple answer. We expect nothing of McCain; we don't imagine him to be a great champion of the Bill of Rights; we don't anticipate a turnabout in the downhill slide of the Constitution if he's elected; we don't tell ourselves that he will reinstate the Rule of Law at the White House.

He has been lying to the American people for years, working with one of the foulest administrations ever to lead the country. We know that.

But he didn't sing a siren song to civil libertarians. He didn't stand by while the Fourth Amendment crashed against the rocks.

Infidel753 said...


Late-term abortion.

Faith-based intitiatives.

At what point does flip-flopping cross the line into backstabbing?

At what point do the followers of this chameleon, this travesty, this empty suit, finally admit to themselves, if not to the world, that they've been played, had?

When he pied-pipered the nomination away from the solid candidate who could actually have won this thing, and I said "The Presidency is lost", I was called names in predictable Obamabot style.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and there are more on the way. Do you think it's gonna end with this?

He will flip-flop, he will betray, he will flounder about, and in November, he will lose.

Take it to the bank.

PhillyChief said...

Yes, because no one is going to vote for a flip flopper. Oh wait...

So which flip flopper won't get voted for? Who knows?

The Exterminator said...

While I have no love for Obama, and will not vote for him, I point out to you that Hillary did more than her fair share of lying to the public. She was, and continues to be, even more disgusting than he is. Lying is coin of the realm in politics, and the Clintons have long run the mint.

So drop the self-righteousness and the I-told-you-so crap. Obama's the Democratic candidate; get used to it. He beat Hillary because he out-gamed her. Both of them, though, were gaming the voters -- as did their Republican counterparts. Until the American public refuses to accept the bullshit flung by all our politicians, you and Evo and I and everyone else who comments here can do nothing more useful than yell "duck."

And you can take that to the bank. But watch where you're stepping on the way.

John Evo said...

Philly, the problem is ethics. And you tend to find a little more of it on the left than the right. McCain can pretty much maneuver at will and not lose votes simply for doing so. He might lose some if he ends up on the "wrong side", but not for being a hypocrite. Obama is not only on the "wrong side", but those of us inclined to vote for him are almost equally peeved that he looks like yet another political slug. It's a bigger problem for him than McCain.

All that said, I've always been amazed at Infidels certainty that Obama will lose. He was saying the same thing when Obama had a 15 point lead over McCain - a lead I sincerely doubt he would have lost had he not shot himself in the ass. So unless Infidel had some inside information that, apparently, no one in politics had, why was he so sure before now that Obama would lose?

I honestly believe that, rather than moving to the right, Obama could have stayed exactly where he was, dug his heels in, made it an issue of "principle" (hey, there's a unique notion), said that not only was he voting against this FISA bill but that if it passed and he becomes President, he'll do everything in his power to criminally prosecute anyone who broke the law - he would have extended his lead over McCain. He's getting some shitty advice, but he's guilty of accepting it.

I still would rather have him win than McCain - but not by much. I really don't care. We're a fucked up country, whichever way we go.

John Evo said...

Ex - Brilliant!

Going out to buy new boots. Not much Philly and I can do about our over 6 foot frames. It's getting dangerous.

Anonymous said...

At this time, I'd still rather have Obama for president than McCain. But it's only mid-July; a lot could happen between now and November.

Sarge said...

I hear people talking about the political thing going on, and I think of some of the stanzas of Don Henley's "Everybody Knows That The Dice Are Loaded".

Most people participate because it's the only game in town. Even if it's rigged, hey, roll with your fingers crossed. Maybe you won't lose too much this time.

John Evo said...

I don't know Sarge... every time I see one of your comments somewhere, I smile.