Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Winter Holidays!

I'm not the least offended when wished "Merry Christmas". I appreciate the the perceived notion of good will and happiness that is being directed toward me.

What DOES annoy the hell out of me is that some people think there is a "war on Christmas", that can be easily found every time someone like me dares to utter the phrase, "Happy Winter Holidays", or any similar phrase that fails to include the "reason for the season" - Jesus.

Jesus is the "reason for the season" if you are Christian. Otherwise he has absolutely nothing to do with the season.

I hope that anyone reading this has a wonderful winter holiday season - whatever you believe.


Sean Wright said...

Merry Winter Holidays from the Southern Command of the non existant War on Christmas

The Exterminator said...

Shit, is it winter? Here in Florida, it feels like fucking July.

So happy feels-like-July holidays to one and all.

John Evo said...

Thanks to both of you in your warm and comfortable confines.

L.A. is wet and cold, believe it or not. Fine by me.

Sean Wright said...

Warm yes comfortable no :)

John Evo said...

Sean, we have people who have been without power for about 2 weeks due to one of the worst ice storms ever (in the northeast). I'm guessing they see Oz as pretty comfy!

Unknown said...

Happy Saturnalia, Evo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Winter Holidays to you, too.

bjkeefe said...

I never minded saying or hearing "Merry Christmas" until the wingnuts started making a big deal about it.

Kind of like "God bless you" in response to a sneeze -- it had become an idiom separated from its original meaning by the time I appeared on the planet.

Since I'm late to this post, though, I'll just say: Happy New Year!