Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Atheist Wasteland

This is the longest I've gone without a post in the nearly 5 years of maintaining this blog, but I'm back. (and, yes, I really did "maintain" it even through the long absence. You'd be shocked to know know much spam gets posted in the comments and promptly deleted. The post "The Four Horsemen of Atheism" is a particularly popular target for some reason).

Life is constant change and yet many things remain fundamentally the same. Never fear that I have fallen for theistic or woo bullshit! I simply found another outlet for my occasional thoughts (YouTube) and was in thrall to it for some time. It's a much busier and fast paced site and, I have to tell you, I learned much there.

I've found (though I said the words prior to going there) that simply knowing that someone is an atheist, doesn't tell you much about them. Truly, every characteristic both admirable and negative, can be found in those who don't believe in sky fairies. I honestly ran into people who have infuriated and disgusted me as much as any theist I ever met. There is absolutely no guarantee that any wisdom will accompany disbelief - let alone reason and rational thinking.

This said, I also met several of the best people I have run into in life while making and uploading videos to YouTube. The problem is - I met just as many, out of many fewer opportunities, during my years of blogging on EvolutionaryMiddleman! Perhaps I was just incredibly fortunate while here, in having so many atheists share a similar total view of our lives in this universe. Since I can't run an empirical study on it, all is nothing but speculation. I only know this much - finding a fellow atheist in this world will not necessarily be the same as finding a fellow traveler or someone you would actually want to know more about and get closer too. In fact, the odds appear to be against it.