Thursday, August 12, 2010

And another one down!

I've been waiting for this former Christian to deconvert for a couple of years now. I knew he was way too intelligent to come to any other conclusion than the one he articulates quite nicely here:

Our roles in the Atheosphere are, by nature, a bit more limited in giving us a chance to observe real people, in real time, deconverting from religion. It has thus always been easy to remain cynical about it ever happening. YouTube is a more active community and, in my time there, I have met a number of people who have done so within the past couple of years - and who credit the things they have heard on YouTube and read on the Internet with having made a major difference in their thinking.

Who knows? Maybe CL is next. He isn't so terribly illogical in his thinking that he is beyond any hope of living the rest of his life without the supernatural thinking.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Ancients Unite

Let's make this great song about getting old an Internet Meme!

"For Third" by Gordon Kuhns

"Third" is the name of the band that opened for him.

His YouTube Channel is a2zdiy