Saturday, June 25, 2011

We're ALL New Yorkers now!

Just wanted to remind some of our more conservative and/or backwards Americans what they themselves were declaring just 10 years ago!

The second most populous state in the Union now gives gay and lesbian couples the same rights as straight couples - like most of the enlightened world. New York is now the 6th state to legalize gay marriage, and California (the most populous state) will again join decent humanity, as soon as Prop 8 runs out of appeals (or its proponents are simply informed that they have no standing).

Those of you who continue to oppose this should at least be honest. There is no reason to do so, other than a religious reason. That's not good enough. If your god is against homosexuality, then your obvious action is - not to marry someone of the same sex. What others do is their business.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Science saved his soul

A friend of mine on YouTube made this video late last year. He has had a fabulous response with well over 800,000 views. I think he will eventually top one million, and thought I'd do a little to help him. Philhellenes is one of the really fine atheist channels on YouTube and I suggest you take the time to watch of few of his other videos. Some of them are even better than this - though this is damned good.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Clobbering Kalam - and William Lane Craig

If you find this interesting, you'll probably want to see the earlier video from Scott (TheoreticalBullshit) which led to Craig's weak response to a YouTuber. Actually, early in the video, Scott requests that you go ahead and watch "I Kalam like I see 'em" prior to watching this video. I don't think it's necessary to do it in that order, but however you prefer - I'll link that below this video.

I "Kalam" like I see 'em.