Sunday, September 02, 2007

Check Out The Humanist Symposium #7

KC of BLIGBI is hosting the Humanist Symposium #7 over at her blog, so please stop by there and enjoy some interesting reading.

Among others, you will find posts from yours truly and from Tobe over at "A Load of Bright". In fact, the two of us almost didn't make it into this edition due to the fact that our posts somehow didn't make it past KC's spam filter. I hope this has nothing to do with the quality of our writing! If you are a recent reader here, you probably haven't read this particular post, as I wrote it over a year ago. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend with some reading.


Update 9/4 - I was just reading a few and they are all worth your time. I'd like to join PhillyChief of You Made Say It in recommending this post by Eric Johnson of The Primate Diaries and also Evanescent's post My Atheism, as well as the highly entertaining and informative comments at the end of the article. There are nearly 200 comments!

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