Saturday, September 01, 2007

A New Atheist

Does that describe you?

If so, and you are interested in being interviewed by me for a blog post, please contact me either in the comments or by email -

I'm looking for a male or female atheist, at least 24 years old, who has been a member of any major religion or sect of a major religion, and has become an atheist within the past 2 years. I'm specifically looking for an atheist; not an agnostic.

The interview can be done using your real name or anonymously, as you prefer. Also if you have your own blog and would like to run the interview simultaneously, I'd love to do it that way. But, of course, it is not necessary that you are a blogger.

Please contact me for further details on the interview process. If you are not sure this is something you'd like to do, please contact me so we can discuss it. If you decide not to, that's fine, and I won't mention our conversation.


Sillysighbean said...

I'll do it, no one has listened to me in years.

John - Evolutionary Middleman said...

I want to thank those who have already contacted me, and encourage others to do so if you're up for it. I plan of making it a series of interviews with recent atheists.