Monday, October 15, 2007

Come On, People! It's SO OBVIOUS! They Hate Us For Our Freedoms

Some people don’t want us to go on the offensive. They want us to understand the other side of the issue. They wonder why we don’t understand the historical basis for what is happening.

I understand perfectly well. But the bottom line is that some people really hate America. In particular, they hate our freedoms. They hate the very ideals that have made our country a beacon of freedom throughout the world. They seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to undermine our freedoms.

I’m sorry if this post offends those who feel we should be inclusive and understanding people. I have made a point of always attempting to be such a person myself. But sometimes you have to say enough is enough.

So to any of my fellow Americans, whether Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat, I say the following: Stop hating what our country is all about.

Stop making laws (or, worse, breaking laws) regarding peoples individual freedom. Stop fighting illegal wars against sovereign countries based on lies. Stop firing independent prosecutors because they don’t act politically. Stop imprisoning people and denying them basic habeas corpus rights. Stop torturing people. Stop spying on U.S. citizens outside of the basic legal way that is already in place to spy when you have reasonable cause. Stop attempting to ruin our educational system by teaching superstition alongside legitimate science. Stop attempting to short-circuit science itself, by disallowing basic research based solely on religious reasoning. Stop denying that our consumer-based society plays a role in the health of our planet and of the other species that inhabit it. Stop intruding on people's individual sexual life-styles. Stop suppression of games, movies and music that offends your personal sensibilities. Stop insisting that our free country is nothing more than a religious state. Stop attempting to strip the greatest political document in history, The United States Constitution, of all the meaning endowed in it by the Founders.

America – Love It, Or Leave It. You clearly hate America, so why don’t you just go start your own theocracy somewhere else? Might I suggest looking for some available property in Mesopotamia?


sacred slut said...


The Exterminator said...

I think this post should be a third-party candidate's stump speech. I'd vote for him/her/

It should at least be the standard answer to anything said by Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, or Sean Hanity.

John Evo-Mid said...

It was a little more pissy than I usually like to be, but how can you help it at this point?

As I said before, I'm more than ready to go back to blogging about interesting science stories and good books. Just give us our country back.

Kelly Gorski said...

I agree with The Slut.

Somewhat related to this:

It is quite sad when theists claim I don't want a "real debate" with regard to faith-based beliefs, but the truth is that there is no debate. Coulter, O'Reilly, and whoever else chooses to spout nonsense doesn't have an argument to start with, and I'm not wasting any more time than I have to making that clear.

PhillyChief said...

Here's an example from England of being too accommodating to religious nutjobs. I think someone over there has to grow some balls and say "UK, love it or leave it".

First part of your rant I though you were talking about outsiders hating the US for what we have and stand for but then it seems you focused on the people who are here eroding it from the inside. I agree, the cavity creeps must be vanquished or forced to relocate. After the shenanigans of this current administration, we may need a serious root canal.

John Evo-Mid said...

PC said: "First part of your rant I though you were talking about outsiders hating the US for what we have and stand for but then it seems you focused on the people who are here eroding it from the inside."

Yeah, it was never about outsiders. Outsiders can't take away our rights.

ordinarygirl said...

Hahaha! I agree as well.