Friday, September 05, 2008

The Punch-line: Sarah Palin

Which candidate running for either President or Vice-President this year:

1. Thinks the solution to the energy crisis is to drill our way out of it?

2. Is adamantly “pro-life” but not when it comes to capital punishment or polar bears?

3. Strongly supports “abstinence only” despite the fact it doesn’t work (as evidenced by the daughter)?

4. Rejects sex education and easily available contraception (see previous)?

5. Would allow creationism discussed in science class and doesn’t trust the science that shows a human connection to global climate change?

6. As recently as 2007 had no real opinion on the Iraq war?

7. Immediately asked – so what exactly would be my daily duties?

8. As governor badgered a subordinate into firing someone who had been a pain in civilian life, and fired the subordinate when he didn’t comply?

9. As mayor wanted to relieve the local librarian of her duties, because the librarian refused to ban books with “dirty words”?

10. Believes that when our leaders are going to send our troops into war we need to pray and make sure it’s god’s will?

Did you answer Sarah Palin? Well you should have. I already told you the punch-line!

But this is no laughing matter unless you think our country will be better off with 4 more years of the same – and moving a few godly steps closer to becoming a theocracy. That old ad hominem of “American Taliban” doesn’t seem so over-the-top anymore.


The Exterminator said...

Hey, you left out:
What's the opposite of serotonin?

John Evo said...

Oh, fuck. You know how bad I am with science quizzes.

Sarge said...

C' KNOW it always turns out to be "god's will" if you really want to do it, as per #10.

Quelle surprise. Another "me firster" who really wants to run the show and make everyone do what SHE wants them to do...or else.

PhillyChief said...

Look, America wants some chick who can handle her kids and our senile old Grandpa in Chief, changing their diapers, driving them to hockey practice, sending them off to war, and looking good while doing it (by the grace of God, of course).

Anonymous said...

Evo, didn't your mother teach you that the punch line comes at the end of the joke?

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin is no joke.

Sarge said...

It's true, you have to look out for "national jokes".

I was told by many a German in my father's generation that as late as 1933 Hitler and his followers were the national joke and laughingstock or Germany. By mid- 1945 there wasn't a lot that people found risible.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


That's what is scaring the hell out of me. That Americans will be stupid enough or too apathetic and we you will edge closer to a closed fascist state.

Prash said...

Palin also said that her 5th children affected by Down syndrome was a gift from God and Iraq War is a task from God !

DB said...

The more I read, the more scared I get. Is it wrong for an atheist to pray for her demise just in case???

The Ridger, FCD said...

@Prash: no, she didn't. In fact, her actual statement - that we need to pray that the war is God's plan - suggests she might have had some doubts at the time. Of course, now that she's signed on to McCain's simplistic Manichean view of the world, she probably *does* think it's God's plan. But this mined quote doesn't do our side any service - which is why I's glad to see Evo got it right in point 10.

John Evo said...

@ Ridger - I agree 110%. We don't need to make shit up. The FACTS are enough to hang her, IMO. And thanks for noticing that I was, indeed, careful how I worded that one.