Sunday, September 06, 2009

Can God defeat Satan?

And who's smarter?


Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha... droll, very droll.

Oh, and the ultimate expression of love, according to scripture, isn't sex, Johnny. It's that when a man lays down his life for another man. (John 15:13) So our Satan, true to his nature, is a liar, with duped "atheists" a long line behind him.

One thing I notice is the smug expression on our Satan's face, knowing that he really has nothing to lose in this 'game' of life, as God is the one that's always under scrutiny. The miserable coward hides like a little pussy-assed punk behind the scenes, never revealing himself. He causes all of the trouble in the world, and, God gets the blame. Similar to atheists asking stupid, ignorant questions about why there is so much trouble in the world, and why isn't God doing something about it? Fortunately, the scriptures reveal this homicidal punk's true nature for what it is, and assigns his name to all of the injustice in the world.

God is doing something about sin, and, He HAS beaten the devil at his own game. His Son endured what we deserved, meeting Satan on his own turf, and, beating his ass, hands-down!

Oh, and seeing you're of the homosexual persuasion, John, why is it you would post a video denouncing and ridiculing the male genitalia? I thought they were especially attractive to fags... are you one of those that secretly hates what he is? Mind you, it is a LEARNED practice, so, I guess one could change their mind, later...

Well, you have managed to prove that it is, indeed, Satan that is responsible for this worthless craphole of a world, and for all of the dementia that fuels the insane, Godless acts and beliefs that abound. The most prominent of those being the THEORY of Evilution!

Thanks for that John-O... great vid!


Anonymous said...

Who is this Gideon guy? Sounds tasty. Rrrwarr!

Anonymous said...

"Who is this Gideon guy? Sounds tasty. Rrrwarr!"

Too much for you to handle, sweetums. Go back to your sheep pen, I hear there's a full moon out, tonight.

Don't forget your rubbers... and your Ziagen...


Chad said...


You have to know that, being a believer as you appear to be, you are probably in the minority on this blog. I don't mean to say there is any undue intolerance here but...with all respect, I am curious as to what you mean to achieve here. Are you crusading via the internet, trying to persuade people into becoming Christian?

Anonymous said...

Chad... with all respect... I am a believer, as you say. And, might I ask why are YOU here? I've been here awhile, and this is the first I've seen of you?

My motives? I simply comment on what's said. It's up to the blog host to set the theme. If that's proselytizing, to you, so be it. It so happens that the majority of John's posts deal with matters of religion. What, you after an atheists-only designation? Take it up with John-O.

And, if my manner disturbs you, that's regulated primarily by the attitude of those that converse with me.

That help?

Chad said...

Oh, no Gideon. I apologize for appearing to be unwelcoming when I, as you correctly point out, have not posted here before. That is not my intention at all and either is attacking you. If that is how I came off, it is nobody's fault but my own. What I am getting at is... you are here (and as far as I am concerned, you are more than welcome, for what it is worth but I digress) participating in dialogue with athiest or nonbelievers or secular people...whatever... and it seems that you are either following your teachings and spreading the word, or you are simply someone who enjoys a vigorous exchange of tongue-lashings to pass the time! Either way it makes no difference to me at all, but if it is some sort of combination of the two, then I can only imagine that it is a fruitless endevor, is it not? And in any case I admire your stubborness in promoting your cause, btw. And if you are just trying to make things interesting by being the voice of the opposition, then that is cool too. I am just curious... and I thank you for obliging the questions because you are in no way entitled to acknowledge me or my words in any way.

Anonymous said...

"I am just curious... and I thank you for obliging the questions because you are in no way entitled to acknowledge me or my words in any way."

No problem. If you address me, you get a response, that's my policy. It's how you address me is what determines the response that you get.

You, if you are an infidel, are a polite one, and maybe the politest I've run into, thus far. John-O, while able to be quite provocative when he wants to be, isn't a bad sort, either.

He hasn't thrown me out on my ass, yet, anyway.


Chad said...

I don't see why anyone would throw you out on your ass when you are just speaking your mind. A sensible person has the ability to respectfully disagree with someone. And besides Gideon, popular Christianity in America makes it so damn exciting and dangerous and sexy to be a nonbeliever, doesn't it? lol. Most nonbelievers fall into the category of the "rugged and contrarian individualist" who only wants to deny for the sake of denial. Kind of like most anarchists appear to simply be revolutionary fetishists, get my drift? You gotta have some substance behind the rhetoric, lest you be a pawn in a bigger game. Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

"I don't see why anyone would throw you out on your ass when you are just speaking your mind."

You don't know Philly Chief, do you? He'll ban your ass faster than you can say "Geronimo", if you don't kiss his buckskins!

Who cares, the guy's a bore, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Popular Christianity isn't Christianity.

If it was, it wouldn't be popular.

Rachel E. Bailey said...

Curious if I'm the only one that remembers a cartoon on NBC from about . . . fifteen years ago, called "God, The Devil, and Bob"? God was voiced by James Garner, I think, and the Devil was voiced by Alan Cumming. I think Bob was voiced by French Stewart. And of course the Fundies were up in arms about it.

Total digression, but even though the characters of God and Satan are totally different here than they were in that show, it makes me nostalgic :)

And this vid was just awesome. I love that it wasn't chess, but freakin Texas hold 'em that decided the fate of mankind, hee!

Spanish Inquisitor said...

You, if you are an infidel, are a polite one, and maybe the politest I've run into, thus far. John-O, while able to be quite provocative when he wants to be, isn't a bad sort, either.

What am I? Chopped liver?

Well, I'm definitely off topic, so I should go view the video.

Anonymous said...

Changed your avatar, eh, Vitababe? I think I liked the plague victim look, better. Andorians are gross!

Nostalgic, eh? Well, you can always go back, you know.

Beats being worm food!

Rachel E. Bailey said...

That was no plague-victim, sir, that was Rorschach.

Andorians reach the beaches and rule the pools, no ifs, ands or buts about it. And heck, I figured a believer would totally dig Andorians (and hate Vulcans for obvious reasons).

Though if I had to guess . . . I'd have you pegged for a fan of Bajorans. Very into their religion, use their faith to get them through tough times, all about the ultimate good and ultimate evil yadda-yadda--

Whoa--since when can I travel back in time? Was there a memo on this? I received no memo.

metamorphhh said...

"He causes all of the trouble in the world, and, God gets the blame."

Ha! God gets the blame? GOD GETS THE BLAME? Gideon, God's the one who BLAMES EVERYBODY ELSE FOR HIS SCREWUPS, MAN! What bible've you been reading?

John: Great video, but unrealistic. God would've either cheated, or reneged. He makes the rules.

Anonymous said...


I like Vulcans... they're logical, unlike atheists whom believe that life came from empty space.


Your period starting, honey?

Go take an Aspirin.

metamorphhh said...


Great non-answer, as usual. Got anything inside that ashcan other than shit-for-brains?

Btw, your misunderstanding of abiogenesis dovetails nicely with your misunderstandings of both evolution and cosmology. If all you're interested in is an insult contest, I'm game (seeing that I'm a lot better at it than you), but if you ever feel like venturing into the world of thought, let us know, will you? Or is your raison d'etre simply to broadcast your Christian ignorance to the world, one blog at a time?

On second thought, maybe you really ARE an atheist trying to make Christians look bad. You're doing a fine job, but...shame on you! When one has a full house already, stacking the deck is superfluous.

metamorphhh said...


"I like Vulcans... they're logical, unlike atheists whom believe that life came from empty space."

I guess this is meant to contrast the theist belief that life came from an invisible magician who was never born, who exists everywhere at once, but is still separate from everything, (except for not, exactly), who pulled everything from nothing, INCLUDING empty space. LOL! Yep, just lovin' that superior theistic logic.

metamorphhh said...

"The miserable coward hides like a little pussy-assed punk behind the scenes, never revealing himself."

Says the man behind the iron mask. Can you see the 'iron'y? Oh! A twofer!!!

John Evo said...

Can everyone pause a moment and welcome Vita-R back? Where the fuck has she been? Hmmmm... probably shouldn't ask. Anyway, glad to see you.

And, yeah, Gideon sticks to me like the the smell of a skunk. Well, WTF, someone has to give him a place to vent. Most of the Christian blogs ban him due either to language, doctrine, anger, hyperactivity - or some combination. None of it bothers me.

John Evo said...

Oh and Jim... fucking LOL!

Spanish Inquisitor said...

Can everyone pause a moment and welcome Vita-R back?

I'm not sure we've ever been properly introduced, but I'll be happy to welcome her back.

Welcome back Vita-R!

Rachel E. Bailey said...

::waits for applause to die down::

Again, good to be back :)

Been off fighting the good fight, doing battle with demons. (Just personal ones, Gids, so don't get all randy, you naughty little monkey.) Long story, heavy on the exposition--but I don't plan on disappearing again. Unless the mob finds me. . . .

Anonymous said...

Ho, ho, ho! Awww... Metamucil... you're just a pussy next to the ol' Gid... I mean, Gids.

Vitababe... yes, good to see you, again! Maybe convince your fellow wannabe atheist, Lorena, to come back to Honest John's Home for Recalcitrant Infidels?

Skunk? John-O... are you cracking wise with Gids? You're not like Metatarsal, now, are you? What a loser that idiot is!

Btw, Metadipstick, where'd you pull your moniker out of... your ass? LOL!

Oh, me! So many infidels, and so little time...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh!

*Jumping up and down, waving gauntlets in the air*

Lemme introduce these two... Vitababe, meet Spanish Invitrowhore!

SI has his own blog, where he meets potential male lovers, Philly-Two-Willies being his principal squeeze. SI - Vitababe has her own site, where she muses about being a full-patch infidel. John-O is a mentor of hers, along with a retinue of other losers that look for a chance to nail some babe online, behind their wives/girlfriend's backs.

I guess you also know Metashithead, too. A two-bit loser with illusions of grandeur mixed with the realization he's dickless, and a mental deficient.

There! We all know each other now! Have fun, kids!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait!

We haven't ALL been properly introduced...

I'm Gideon. I'm also known by several other monikers, given to me by a bunch of clueless gits trying to figure out who I am.

I am...

a) An atheist trying to make Christians look bad.

b) A Christian trying to make atheists look bad.

c) A troll

d) A pseudo-Christian

e) The Highwayman

f) cl

g) A trinity comprising Gideon, The Highwayman, and cl.

h) A psychopath... etc, etc.

and... finally, the truth...

Your daddy!


Anonymous said...

SI, you can also come out of the closet on your other identity - I-Rational Theorist.

Thought I didn't know, huh?

("Quiff" as I call his alter-ego, is such a full-time, exponential loser, he needs an alternate blog to remind himself he's still viable... hence, The Spandex Incrediblebore!)


Rachel E. Bailey said...

Good grief, but you came out swinging today, lol.

I'm not a wannabe atheist, I'm a wannabe intellectual. Don't make me have to break out my SAT words and phrases like sea-change, cuz there will be ownage.

And admit it: there are at least three other personalities rattlin' around in there. Sometimes simultaneously.

Keep calling me a "babe," and you'll cause me to blush, sir :*

Anonymous said...


Hey, Babe, how they hangin'? I don't need multiple personalities to escape reality or any kind of retribution, cause, like you say, I'm a swinger!

You mentioned SAT's? Girl of mine, those don't present an overly optimistic view of today's youth or the shoddy educational/humanist-run system. Not long ago, I presented a clip from a well-known ATHEIST comedian, also one of the few atheists I respect, where he deals with the subject of the system you laud.

Here... let me pull it up for you, sweets!

How about that? Also, I have presented other more tangible evidence of the crap education that an increasingly dumbed-down society is receiving, and, anyone that's lived for any significant length of time will see how things have deteriorated over the last few decades. You, of course, won't, because you're still wet behind the ears.

Having to work alongside some of the youth of today, as a necessary requirement of my trade, it simply amazes me that they are able to form a cognizant thought! When they're not texting gibberish to some other idiot, they're standing slack-eyed in front of you, trying to either focus on the fact that you ARE standing there in front of them, or, understand what you're trying to say to them, short of you having to resort to hand-signals and baby-talk, or both!

Whew! Sorry, I digress, but, it is one of my favorite diatribes going on about the stupidity that rules in the land, THANKS to the elitists, whom, by the way, DO believe in God... THEY JUST WON'T ACKNOWLEDGE HIS SOVEREIGNTY! And, in spite of Him, they teach the simple (atheists) to follow their bullshit philosophies which they, themselves, don't believe for a second.

YOU? An intellectual? LOL! Sorry, nothing against you, personally, it's just that you couldn't possibly be one of those, for the reason I've already stated. They don't ALLOW those kind to exist, anymore, kiddo. Your correct perception of reality is only exceeded by your modesty. Again, only a product of a politically-correct, self-important, DUMB-DOWNED society would even make such an assertion.

Anonymous said...

And, Metamucil/Jim-Bob/one of SI's male lovers/aspiring after-hours petting zoo patron/wannabe troll cum laude...

Try holding your nose and farting, it might clear your mind!


Anonymous said...

Vita... a word of warning about SI... he blocks people who don't stroke his ego, agree with him, etc.

See, he's banned me from his site. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, after he whined about me spreading lies about him, but, I'm blocked, once again. This time, I tried a few tricks that I know, short of hacking straight into his blog, and my suspicions are confirmed. He's been lying all the time.

Philly Chief is another weenie that can't take critique or a different view than his own myopic slant. Just so you know - always agree with these guys, or, out you'll go!

Spanish Inquisitor said...

See, he's banned me from his site.

Giddy. Can you say PARANOID? Can you spell it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, SI, just like I can spell L-Y-I-N-G S-H-Y-S-T-E-R.

So, what's your explanation for why only MY comments aren't showing up?


Spanish Inquisitor said...

For some reason they keep showing up in my spam filter. I don't really know what Askimet criteria is for spam, but if I was to guess, it's probably a combination of the link, couple with the profanity. They probably have some algorithm that computes that stuff, and since your language is so...colorful, you go into the holding cell automatically.

It's also possible that you've been deleted as spam by others, elsewhere, and Askimet may keep track of that too. They have your proverbial "Wanted" poster on their wall.

It's not me, I can assure you, so it has to be you.

Anonymous said...

They probably have some algorithm that computes that stuff..."


I used to employ WordPress, myself, and that's a lot of crap you just spouted!

Knowing how Akismet works and how it can be adjusted to filter out unwanted comments, like those that might offend one's ego, for example, and, the fact that I deliberately toned down my "colorful" language and left out links to test that assumption, leads to only one logical conclusion - you deliberately scuttled my comments, because, you don't agree with them and you want to give your cronies a tactical advantage over me!

Well, you're definitely in the right profession, SI, lying seems to come naturally to you.

Doesn't do much for one's assertion of being an advocate of free-speech and expression, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not the first time some lying atheist has twisted the facts to cover up the truth. It's done every day by evolutionary scientists.

The Dawkins crowd, like their guru, won't stop at anything to shove their specious crap down the public's throat!

Spanish Inquisitor said...

you deliberately scuttled my comments, because, you don't agree with them and you want to give your cronies a tactical advantage over me!

This belief, like your religious ones, are without foundation, but there's not a lot I can do about it.

Every single one of your comments at SI are up. Every single one. Not one has been deleted. At worst, a few were delayed, but not by me, and only for a very short time.

If I was intent on scuttling your comments, Giddy, believe me, my readers wouldn't know you exist.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

And apologies to Evo (again) for the use of his comment thread. Giddy, if you have a problem with me, save it for my blog. That's normal netiquette.

Anonymous said...

"Giddy, if you have a problem with me, save it for my blog. That's normal netiquette."

I would! Except, that my comments seem to vanish at inopportune times!

Inopportune, of course, to myself and not anyone else!

John Evo said...

Gid said; Inopportune, of course, to myself and not anyone else!

LOL! You got that right, son!

But seriously, Gideon. I've known SI for quite a while. He doesn't do shit like that without a good reason and, if he had such reason, he'd proudly announce it.

But he's right. You believe things without evidence and they become facts for you. Conveniently for you, SI and Philly can't *possibly* prove they *don't* do what you say, so you can just claim it and feel certainty. Kind of like heaven and hell.

Whatever man. I continue to welcome you here is a good example to readers what comes of your "style" of thinking. The "world" is out to fuck you over - and there isn't a shred of evidence it isn't.

Temaskian said...

Glad that non-stamp collector is back in business.

John Evo said...

Temaskian - that's what I thought too. Then he disappointed me by saying that this was just a "one shot" deal and that he was returning to his sabbatical. I wish there was some way he could make money by doing them, because they are great!

Temaskian said...

Let's hope he breaks his promise! =-p

Anonymous said...

"But seriously, Gideon. I've known SI for quite a while. He doesn't do shit like that without a good reason and, if he had such reason, he'd proudly announce it."

Guess you don't know him very well, do you?

"The "world" is out to fuck you over - and there isn't a shred of evidence it isn't."

If it's fucking me over, it's got you in all orifices, Johnny. It's going to be amusing seeing you guys forced to acknowledge the anti-Christ when he makes his appearance, and you're forced to acknowledge his rule over you!

Course, you've been falling for his bullshit lies all this time, anyway... no big surprise, I guess.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spanish Inquisitor said...

Ahh. The True Christian spoke, then changed his mind.

Anonymous said...

What's your problem, SI? Jimbo not putting out, this week? Poor baby! Maybe give Quantum Flux a call... you know, your sock puppet over at I-Rational Theorist?

He's a pussy like you, so, you should be able to get something on.

What will it be tonight... him being the schoolmaster and you the naughty schoolgirl? Or, maybe, he could be Snow White and you could be Dopey?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jim-Bob, where is that no-assed sheep-fucker, anyway? Get his special purpose stuck in that cross-eyed old ewe down by the paddock, again?

Or, maybe the bull took exception to having his balls diddled from behind, and kicked the slack-jawed yokel through the corral posts, again?

Anonymous said...

Jimbo's favorite squeeze!

Anonymous said...

The shadow knows!

metamorphhh said...

Sorry, Gidget. Your argumentation, such as it is, is moronic, and your insults are too low-brow and repetitive to be any fun. My suggestion? Practice your dialogue with some small rocks, or maybe a dead goldfish, and slowly work your way up. I'll be waiting.


John Evo said...

Honestly, Gid, you are welcome to act foolishly and sling un-witty, uncharitable non sequiturs but do you honestly think they have *any* impact? It's a waste your time more than anything, but I suppose you don't have anything to do so - carry on... I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Jimbo - just like you've worked your way up from banging poultry and waterfowl to species with wool and hair, eh? Maybe a human being, however deformed, is within the ambitions of our resident pre-vert, eh, Cledus?

John-O... do you REALLY think I give a fiddler's fuck whether you idiots see the light, by now? I just thought you might appreciate how you and your's attitude and vitriolic posts look to others that might happen by to read your garbage. Might as well give 'em the full-meal deal, eh, sport?

So enjoy the sideshow you gits spawned... just like YOUR (no one else's) ancestors spawned from primordial gravel and plankton shit on some beach, 60 gadillion years ago!

Anonymous said...

Btw, Jimmy-Sue, LUV the plug you gave me on that photo of you and your mother on that laugh of a 'blog' of your'n! Cracks me up!

Must be tough on your maw, though, having to work her snout through that accumulation of months-old cheese, to get a lick at that peanut sack hanging between your legs? You might help her out and actually bathe... you know, every other week or so, and not just for hog-brandin' time and other special events?

I mean... there is such a thing as elder abuse!