Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are you a liberal anti-American?

Representative Michelle Bachmann is watching out for such people. She even thinks she is surrounded by them in Congress. Guess who is Public Enemy Number 1.

Fortunately, there is rationality

And you can do something. Sign the petition to censure Bachmann.

Pick a side. It's game time.


Update 5:27 PM, PST - Boomerang! Your "Anti-America" is my Campaign Bonanza


The Exterminator said...

The congresspeople we should really be investigating are the crypto-fascists like Bachmann. I'm afraid the "crypto" part is quickly becoming irrelevant as they come more and more out into the open.

But she missed the boat on her hate speech by forgetting to tie in un-Americanism to abortion, homosexuality, Hollywood, the elite universities, and atheism.

So she'll never get an award for spreading disinformation. Congresswoman, you're no Joseph Goebbels.

Grumpy Lion said...

Bachman is a fucking zombie whose brain somebody ate. Is the RNC programming these idiots now with some kind of secret software? Talk about anti-American... aside from the Alaska Independence Party the Palin's have a close association with, and that drunk Joe McCarthy, it's tough to find somebody more anti-American than this Bachman moron.

Sean Wright said...

How do these idiots get into congress?

Looking from the outside I can see clearly who doesn't give two shits about the American people of the constitution

Anonymous said...

Is Bachmann really Gingrich in drag? She's pathethic.

Anonymous said...

I think she's kind of cute. I wish I'd picked her for VP.

DB said...

"Pick a side. It's game time."

We have been having this battle on DB and McQ. All I got to say is they are losing and on Nov 4th we will see just how bad. Screw censuring Bachmann, send her opponent money!!