Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Obama landslide

Clearly Obama will be elected the 44th President of the United States barring massive Republican chicanery. Not only do all major polls show his large lead growing almost daily, not only have they been incredibly stable for the past month, and not only is he continuing to gather strength in the critical swing states but he is also doing so in some traditional Republican strongholds.

But here, I believe is the final nail in the McCain coffin (fortunately, a coffin from which Sarah Palin will not walk away from as the sole beneficiary of our republic). The combination of the above stated facts leads to the very interesting phenomenon known to sports fans as the bandwagon effect. Essentially, people love a winner. They want to be associated with the winner. It somehow makes losers feel like they are winners also. Ever wonder what all of those supposedly undecided voters were really waiting for? Yup.

Watch what is now a clear victory, turn rapidly into a landslide in the closing days of the campaign. Once the news media starts covering this story as an Obama victory in the making, you will see a near simultaneous increase in the numbers he leads by. Right now you can sort of read between the lines and see that many organizations are starting to cover this election exactly that way. 5 days from now, it will be the common story-line. America About to Make History”, “What Happened to John McCain”, “How Obama Will Lead Us”, etc. and the last 5 days will see this turn into a total route.

But watch out for the subterfuge. Republicans are capable of almost anything and they have supporters who are absolutely capable of anything.

UPDATE 10/26/08: Want to know what kind of "chicanery" I'm worried about?


DB said...

"They want to be associated with the winner."

This is actually a brilliant observation. I am sure many undecideds are sincerely so, but I suspect, as you have pointed out, that many of them are not entirely interested in who wins and would vote for whoever is going to win anyways. Until Palin, I would have preferred a closer race (Congressional-wise) for an honest "checks and balance" of political power. After Palin, I am all about a landslide to remind them not to put up right-wingers like her for such a high position when they could settle for and win with a moderate. They deserve what's coming to them.

Anonymous said...

The Anchorage Daily News has endorsed Obama. Palin's gotta be a little sore about that.

DB said...

Hopefully these New Mexico rallies on the same day are a sign of things to come...

"A fire marshall puts the crowd at at least 45,000, many times that at McCain's roughly 1,000-person event a couple of miles away this morning."

That has got to piss off the McCain camp.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

Wouldn't it be delicious if Obama carried Arizona?

Anonymous said...

Lately the newsies and talking heads have been questioning some "blunders" in the McCain Camp and have wondered at it.

It's probably not so, but I find myself wondering again and again, What If...?

What if the brains of the outfit say, "Let's tank this one. There's a big mess that needs cleaned up, let that @#**@ Obama win the thing and throw his ass in the slop. About the time he gets a handle on things the country will be so sick and tired of the dems and their farting around and theivery that we'll come in with no problem in four years. If he's been somewhat successful, his policies might bear fruit after the next election, and so much the better for us."

Probably not, but one sometimes wonders...

John Evo said...

Sarge, the conspiracy part of my brain is drastically diminished, but if I look deeply at it my intuitive reaction is - our dark overlords NEVER want to lose if there is a way around it.