Thursday, November 29, 2007

All those missing hours

I had two problems. I've been running short of time on nearly everything I do lately and I knew that one of the things I had to do was an overdue update of my blogroll.

As I looked at the new (for me) blogs that I have been regularly visiting in recent weeks, it became very obvious where all my missing time was at! Seems like I have 10 blogs to add to the blogroll. I'm too tired to add them all on the sidebar tonight, so I'll just name them and add them in the next couple of days.

Thanks to all of you for providing me with hours and hours of interesting, enlightening and, in many cases, educational reading.

In no particular order, except the first - which I have spent so much time at that I'm a bit waterlogged. Then again, I am the Majority Whip there, so my presence is required.

1. The Meme Pool
2. Primordial Blog
3. An Apostate's Chapel
4. Completely Baffled
5. The Greenbelt
6. Infidel753
7. Return of the Prodigal Blogger
8. An Atheist Homeschooler
9. Elliptica
10. EnoNomi


EnoNomi said...

No matter how many work hours I waste trying to keep up with my Google Reader, it always seems to hover around the 200 mark. And it's not just the posts now, but the comments as well! I've been thinking of doing some comparison of the Atheosphere with the intellectuals that used to hang out in coffee houses or bars - like Dorthy Parker and her group, but it hasn't marinated long enough.

Thanks for adding me to the list!

The Exterminator said...


I'd love to see that post. I've often thought that some of the banter going on in the Atheosphere reminds me of the Algonquin Round Table. If you do decide to write that post, let me know by email, because I can probably supply you with some info and great lines that were exchanged there.

Brian said...

Thanks for the link-love John. I always look forward to reading your great comments on my posts.

John Evo said...

@ Brian - Hey, I really enjoy (and learn) from your blog. I wish I could do more to promote it.

@ Eno - I'm with Ex. Please write it. Ex, just email her the material - maybe it'll help the marination process!

EnoNomi said...

Oh no, now it's homework! ;)

Here I was thinking if I put the idea out there I could get someone else to write it for me. But I shall take up the challenge and add some lime to the marinade to speed things along.

Lifeguard said...

EnoNomi: Once the idea's marinated, I look forward to the roast, er... I mean post! I've already compared "No More Hornets" to "Cheers," but I think it's the same idea.

John: Thanks, as always, for being one of my biggest publicists. Majority Whip, indeed!

Ex: Norm!

JP said...

Appreciate the eventual add.

I am very lazy when it comes to adding blogs to the sidebar.

Just added your..keep the good stuff coming.

chaplain said...

Thanks for the mention. I already read most of those on the list, but I'll be adding a couple of more to my choir.

Ute said...

Thank you, Evo. :) You've been added to mine a while ago.

John Evo said...

OK, folks, NO thanks necessary. Really.

I rarely add a new blog right away, and every once in a while I just have to look at where I'm at and correct things. You all know I show up at your blogs on a regular basis. The least I can do is admit it!

Lynet said...

Oh, the love, the love! One offhand comment about multiple orgasms at No More Hornets and all of a sudden I'm included in everything that happens in this corner of the blogosphere.

Seriously, thanks for the linkage.

John Evo said...

I forgot about that Lynet. If I had remembered, I would have excluded you. Feelings of inadequacy, you know?

Lynet said...

Aww, don't worry. I don't actually like triple orgasms. Face it, if you're having three orgasms, it's probably because the first two were pretty unsatisfying. And if the first two were pretty unsatisfying, then probably the third one was, too, and the only reason you stopped was because you got too tired to aim for what you would have actually liked.

Two is all right though. But it's really quality over quantity, trust me.

John Evo said...

I'll have to trust you.

I'd be very interested to see how you would fit a celibate into that analysis of quality vs quantity. :)

Anyway, you better stop now or you're going to end up on another hundred or so blog rolls (and, unfortunately, it won't be for the poetry).

Lynet said...

How am I supposed to shut up when you've made a comment that implies the existence of celibates who are so terribly celibate they don't even masturbate? I have to say I haven't a clue how such a person would fit into that analysis. It's entirely beyond me.

grumpylion said...

Evo - For some reason I've been under the impression that I had added you to my blogroll,when in fact I utterly failed to do so. I'm so ridden by guilt now - I think I understand how fundogelicals feel. Anyway, I added you tonight and apparently can go straight to paradise, and not pass go on the way.

Too bad. I could have used the two hundred dollars.

John Evo said...

Ric, I'm terrible at that stuff, but on the plus side I don't notice what others are doing with me either! Thanks for the link.