Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Results Now Go To The Supreme Court!

With "John Evo" only winning by four votes, what other choice do we have? This is closer than Florida. "Happy Hominid" has been examining the poll code and thinks he found errors. It's all too confusing.

No, I'll abide by the results. I respect the will of the people. You know, they say for every vote there were actually 100,000 people who had an opinion they didn't express. Wow. I'm so honored that nearly 2 million of you read and care about this blog.

"My Profile", backspace D, backspace I, backspace M, backspace dash, "Save Changes".

John Evo I am.


The Exterminator said...

Well, I'm glad that's settled.
I think it was a wise decision on your part not to dwell on all those hanging e-chads, although "Happy Hominid" might have won if Katherine Harris hadn't been responsible for certifying the final vote.

I've been using a hyphen in John-Evo, which I will now remove, in deference to your wishes. But don't be surprised if I shorten your name to Evo when I'm responding to your comments on my blog. Or, if I'm feeling particularly mischievous: Evie. Assigning nicknames is the prerogative of the assigner, not the assignee -- as any kid in public school can tell you.

John Evo said...

I hear you. :)

It's tough for the rest of us though. How do you "fem up" Exterminator? "Torie"? "Termi"? Doesn't work.