Friday, August 29, 2008

Brilliant Palin Analysis

I'm not a huge fan of Steny Hoyer but, boy, does he nail it on McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. This is short but very sweet. When comparing the "temperament and judgment" of McCain and Obama, start by looking at the first decision each made.


The Exterminator said...

Stenny Hoyer talking about "credibility" is like George Bush talking about "elocution."

I'm not necessarily disputing what he says, but he's a big piece of feckless shit, and not someone whose opinion I care about whatsoever. And did you notice how the reporter had to feed him with the Dan Quayle line? I guess he was too busy not impeaching George Bush to remember one of his talking points.

John Evo said...

I have virtually no respect for the Pope, but when he says "evolution is a scientific fact", I quote him.

The fact is, he was right on target. You could say that if a dumbshit like Steny could pound out those talking points within a couple of hours of it happening, off the cuff in an airport, that things are going to get very ugly for the Republican Gloria Steinem.

What do you bet they're holding her incommunicado somewhere right now and madly trying to get her up to date before some smart reporter asks her a question like, what's the name of the President of Georgia?

The Exterminator said...

No bet. They're definitely drilling and drilling her like an oil well. (And, no, I don't mean that sexually.)

Maybe they'll teach her how to pronounce "nuclear." And didn't we see the president of Georgia last week at the Democratic convention? It looked like Jimmy Carter, anyway.

I still stand by my initial reaction. Let's not be dismissing her until we see her performance at the Republican Convention. It's very bad to underestimate one's opponents, as the hare learned.

John Evo said...

Don't equate relentless mockery with "underestimating". I'll be curious to see how she stands up to this. Yeah,, let's see where we are at by the end of the convention.

I hear Romney is PISSED. I imagine Joe Lieberman is also, though he should understand that he was political suicide. I'm thinking Palin may be also.

bjkeefe said...

One point Hoyer made that I liked, that I had not heard before, was his response to the "attacking the mother of five children" question. He's right -- it's not like the ratfuckers pull any punches talking about Nancy Pelosi. Nor Hillary Clinton (in a previous era), for that matter. Nor Michelle Obama.

I grant that the latter two have fewer then five children.

(Rolls eyes, wonders why people think there's anything special about over-breeding on a crowded planet.)

Of course, there's an obvious reason why the GOP can get away with being vicious to Democratic women, while the Dems have to say nothing, not one word, OR THE ELECTION WILL IMMEDIATELY BE LOST!!!1!