Thursday, August 28, 2008

Question for Tim Kaine

The Governor of Virginia just finished up his speech at the Democratic National Convention. You may remember that he was one of the "finalists" as Obama was vetting potential V.P. candidates.

My question to Tim is - do you think you could try to use the word "faith" just a bit more? Really, I didn't fully get the feeling of being at a wild west revival meeting when you only mention faith 50 times. I was moved by the whole "move mountains" metaphor but it just wasn't quite enough. Consider ending your next speech with a prayer.

Now my question to you folks - how happy are you that Obama ended up taking Biden instead of this clown. My greatest fear in the last couple of weeks was what Obama might do with this pick. Good job, Barack. At least now, should they kill you, we'll be left with a real President, and not a wannabe priest.

Holy shit...

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