Friday, August 29, 2008

Senator Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin

Is this the biggest mismatch in the history of presidential elections? Not really. We have Senator Lloyd Benson's towering figure over the pathetic Dan Quayle. Here's how I imagine the debate between Biden and... what was her name again?

She’s making vacuous comments about the rights of the unborn trumping a woman’s right to control her reproductive organs but, on the other hand, we should be able to execute criminals. Camera shots shows Biden with a look of distaste and disdain on his face while she’s talking. She reiterates her position that gays and lesbians shouldn’t have legal partnerships. Biden talks about the importance of giving children the best science education possible. She repeats the inane "we must teach the controversy".

She finally invokes the names of Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, at which point Biden says,

“Have you ever even met Senator Clinton? I don’t believe you have. Of course you’ve only been the Governor of Alaska for 2 years, so you probably haven’t even had the opportunity yet. I can tell you that she has never been under investigation for trying to get a former in-law fired from a government job. You certainly don’t share any of her values. Governor, I've known Senator Clinton since you were in junior high and have worked closely with her for over 20 years. I know her very, very well. And Governor, you are no Hillary Clinton"

All of my characterizations of Palin are dead-on. Does it really even matter how the rest of the debate goes?


The Exterminator said...

Biden says: And Governor, you are no Hillary Clinton."

And Palin responds: Amen to that, Senator!

And the Republican crowd goes wild.

Unknown said...

And yet she’s more experienced then B.O.

I do like your comment Exterminator.

John Evo said...

@ Pastor Mike - You ARE kidding right? More EXPERIENCED than Obama? Palin?

@ Ex - you seem to have missed it - she's already linked herself to Hillary and to the women's movement! It's a joke, of course, and it's a cynical attempt to get the Hillary voters. But, tell me, would saying "Amen to that" be a very effective way of encourage Hillary's women to vote for her? Seems like that might defeat the very purpose of her being on the ticket, no?

John Evo said...

@ Ex - "She mentioned that she followed in the footsteps of Geraldine Ferraro, who was the Democratic vice presidential running mate in 1984, and referred favorably to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who drew 18 million votes in her unsuccessful run against Obama for the Democratic nomination".

Unknown said...

She's governed; he hasnt.

They both have been to Iraq the same number of times.

John Evo said...

Mike, you... I mean... you're not...


By the way, a trip to Iraq is not a qualification for or against one being president.

McCain has never been to Iran, but that might be our next war if he gets elected. Is he, therefore, unqualified?

Well, yes... but you get my larger point. I hope.

Unknown said...

no i get your point. I agree that she's not qualified and those that are not qualified should not serve as President.

That's why I wont be voting for B.O. We can only hope Palin will get at least of couple of years exp. being vp. before McCain goes to meet his maker (or just rots in the grave for all of eternity) :)

John Evo said...

I disagree. "Qualifications" are an execrable way of looking at potential candidates.

Palin might make a terrific President and I would have no trouble voting for her if her announced positions were in line with what's best for society. Unfortunately, she's wrong on nearly everything. As McCain is.

He still can't admit the Iraq war was a travesty. He is belligerent towards other countries and will prevent the U.S. from regaining it's position as world leader. He will do nothing for the current health care crisis. He wants to continue the tax breaks for corporate giants. He voted for torture, despite what he was put through.

Obama is far from perfect. He's incorrect on a lot of his positions. Witness his recent vote for the new FISA legislation. That was a slap in your face if you believe that the Constitution should be rigorously protected. Same goes for his vocal cheer-leading of the "faith-based initiative". It clearly runs contrary to the secular ideals that our country was founded on.

But - lesser of evils and all that. As a holy man, I'm sure you concur.

Unknown said...

I do concur

DB said...

I am happy with this choice. I love hearing conservatives back track on the importance of experience. McCain might decide to retire suddenly and this woman will be president. How can anyone be comfortable with this?