Friday, August 03, 2007

2 Incredible Miracles for Your Judgement

First up, an Islamic miracle.

Second, an American humanist miracle.

Was either a miracle? Which one was better?

I leave it to you.


heather said...

Good juxtaposition.

Don't know about miraculousness, but it's quite hard to choose between them for creepiness.

John - Evolutionary Middleman said...

Good evening Heather. I'd have to go with Islam for the creepy factor. At least Shirley Temple knew she was acting. And I don't think the exploitation was QUITE as bad. It was probably close though.

Ultimately my reason for juxtaposing them is simply to demonstrate that what this "little Imam" is doing is really no different or any more difficult than what Shirley Temple and hundreds of child actors have done. But there are thousands of devout Moslims who believe this kid is some kind of a prophet! They actually believe that what he is doing is something supernatural and I just wanted to show how (relatively) easy it is to do what he does.

Anonymous said...

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John Evo said...

Are you sure? I think you are just scoping potential sites for leaving spam. Tell me 5 things you've learned.