Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don't Be Fooled By FOX

This is a chilling comparison of the Fox News complacency in getting us involved in Iraq, with what they are now doing concerning Iran.

Don't get fooled again. There's plenty of blame to go to our government and to the media. But ultimately we can only be responsible for our own actions and inaction.

Every indication shows that the Bush administration wants to go to war with Iran prior to the end of Bush's term in office. A few days ago they took the unprecedented action of declaring a large segment of Iran's military to be a "terrorist organization". No one can fail to grasp the meaning of this. Combined with the assault on reason carried out at Fox News, they are softening America's resolve against further war in the Middle East.

Anyone who sees the world like I do can get a clear view of this from the Fox commentator near the end of the video. He claims that Fox is on the side of the American people while the "SECULAR LEFT" is dumbing them down. Oh... REALLY? I'd be happy to field any comments from those who suggest that this blog attempts to "dumb down" people who come here. Be aware of the facts this time BEFORE it happens.


Renegade said...

Another war??? USA has already done enough damage to itself for another one.

Al said...

Anyone that thinks Fox is real news is probably among the 26% that still thinks Bush is doing a great job. Sadly, there really isn't any cable news as just about everything on CNN, MSNBC and Faux Noise is commentary of one sort or another. Maybe Ted Turner or Bloomberg need to launch another 24 hour NEWS channel that had live news, like CNN used to.