Monday, August 20, 2007

The Question of "Arrogance"

In my previous post there was a reference to what I HOPE is a mistaken impression of me as being arrogant.

I also referred to the fact that videos I post are ones that I hope are accurate reflections of my own point of view.

This covers both topics!


Renegade said...
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Renegade said...

I have always found it to be a part of theist strategy to hurl ad-hominems (in this case being arrogant) against atheists to some how make up for the lack of evidence on their side.

On this issue, one instance that comes to my mind involves the most hated atheist (by theists) Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins, was interviewed in the O'Reilly show. What I saw from the video is that Dawkins is more than often not let to complete his answer. That aside, Dawkins is snapped when he was saying how humble we need to be in regards to the knowledge of our existence as we know very little about it, just to be informed that being humble is a Christian virtue.

Its no less than an irony that Dawkins is being referred as an arrogant atheist.

Sillysighbean said...

I can think of nothing more arrogant then professing to actually know the mind of a god who may or may not exist.

Renegade said...

Good point Sillysighbean, nothing can be more arrogant.

We grapple to understand the minds of our most loved ones, with whom we have spent most of our life time and at times we don't even understand ourselves. Yet, some claim to know the mind of God and how he works. Such is the grandeur of the dreams of the human brain.