Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secularists Contact CNN

I read an interesting post over at this morning. CNN is doing a report on faith and is requesting feedback from viewers. Here is the format:

How strong is your faith? Are you one of the millions of people who live by faith? Do you believe religion is under attack in modern society? Have the lines blurred too much or not enough between religion and politics? Share your thoughts about faith and the state of religion in the world. Plus, send us your photos and video to show others how you worship. Use the form below to send files from your computer, or e-mail from your cell phone. (Need help? Check the Toolkit.)

Click here for the CNN form.

I'm suggesting two things. First, go fill out the form. Second, blog about it.

Here was my brief comment to them:

FAITH - I have none. I think it's one of the most badly over-rated "virtues" of them all. It basically implies that you are willing to believe, based on no (or extremely shaky) evidence, in some unseen, intangible power - and, worse, that the holder of such faith KNOWS exactly what that power is, what it expects, how it judges and what laws we should live our natural lives under.

I think there are a lot of problems in our world, but the fact that religion is "under attack" from secularism is most definitely not one of them. It's like saying global warming is "under attack" from those who modify their life styles in a way that lowers their carbon footprint, that the war in Iraq is "under attack" by those who would like to see the United States withdraw troops from that region of the world or Intelligent Design is "under attack" by the forces that insist that the proponents of it provide actual scientific evidence to back up their position.

I'm not suggesting anyone keep it as short and sweet as I did (I'm busy today). If you have the time and inclination - Go for it! Someone please send a video of yourself reading "Origin of Species"!

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