Friday, August 17, 2007

Dick Cheney - Irony

Many have probably seen this, but it's worth watching and thinking about again.

10 years prior to our invasion of Iraq Cheney gives a clear and concise rebuttal to the notion that us invading Iraq and taking out Sadaam was a good idea.

I can imagine how he spins this now - that in 2004 "things were different than during the Desert Storm days.

No they weren't! We were told the invasion was about WMD. He had none and was developing none and the administration KNEW IT. We were told he was allied with Osama Bin Laden in the attack on 9/11. No he wasn't, and the administration KNEW IT.

Ironically, this short video provides, from the mouth of Cheney, the best argument against the current war in Iraq that one could muster in a minute and half!

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